Easy and Virtual Platform

VitaOne provides online access to practitioner-grade supplements and advanced diagnostic tools. Practitioners can dispense & recommend high quality dietary supplements and labs to their patients virtually.

Door Step Solution

VitaOne provides you supplements and advanced diagnostic tools that simplify your everyday living. You can book a wide range of Functional Medicine and Diagnostic services delivered by well-qualified professionals from anywhere and anytime.

Solution to find Best Solution

Enter the supplements you're looking for in the Search box and suggested options will appear once you'll start typing. Once a search has been made, VitaOne will show you the most relevant options.

Solution to get in touch with your Practitioner at Home

VitaOne is a virtual Professional grade supplement and advanced diagnostic lab store. Practitioner can dispense and recommend virtually to their patient. Once patients get recommendation or invitation they can buy or order a diagnostic test. With VitaOne, your patients have 24/7 access to your virtual supplement store and your personalized recommendations—anywhere, anytime.

Our ExtraPolates

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